css drop shadow

did you know you could drop shadow on your text, images etc WITHOUT the help of MS filters? I certainly didn’t. read this and be amazed. for all this time… it’s not the easiest way but HEY it works on all css compliment browser: that is all browsers NS 4+ AND it’s validated. i tried it out at my scripts site. it works like a charm!

i retired quite a few of my old themes to free some space. they only ended freeing 1mb 😦 i only have 39mb left on my server now. i need to figure out how to free or beg for more space. hehe.. i put the old themes’ screenshots here in case you miss them too much.

6 thoughts on “css drop shadow

  1. When I first used before learning about MS filters, I thought it was really clever – like cheating HTML out of things it normally doesn’t let you do. ^.~* But editing 2 bits of text instead of just 1 can get inconvenient… ^^;

  2. “But editing 2 bits of text instead of just 1 can get inconvenient” – that’s when php comes in 🙂 just write a function and call it, then you won’t need to edit two texts. i think i might write a generator for it. it’s too cool!

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