update on cell phone deal

concerning my cellphone, i was very pissed to find that i can not go with verizon prepay plans unless i get a new phone. they said they can’t use the iowa wireless sm card for their company. switching sm card will cost $250. i can purchase a phone from them for $50 tho. but guess what i got a hellokitty face for my nokia 5100 series last nite coz i thought i was gonna use my phone again. *dies* why does it have to be this way? i don’t know what to do now. i think i might end up selling that nokia 5100. i’m thinking of selling that hellokitty faceset and the cellphone too so i can get the phone from verizon.. if anyone wants to buy the faceset, let me know. i will take a picture of it tonite. i think i’m selling for $8 tho i bought it for $11. but you can’t buy the cellphone since it has iowa wireless sm card unless you live in iowa. so andy will have to sell that somewhere in. arg.. this is depressing.. at least while i was searching ebay, i found this and i bidded on this – it’s too adorable.

last nite i also bought the hellokitty shirt as shown in my webcam. it’s from hellokitty by doe. it’s a very good deal. it was originally $23.50 and i bought it for $6 hehe.

4 thoughts on “update on cell phone deal

  1. yea.. getting a new phone is always cheaper than unlocking your old phone. I’m waiting for al’s contract to be over in july to get a new free phone. hehe

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