care bears!!

thank god i got my care bear before it’s all gone. i’ve been wanting them for a while but never really made up my mind. these 26″ jumbo care bears dolls have been sitting in walmart until they are gone one by one. they used to have all 8 i believe. now i can only find 4 of them online. i got the wish bear as you see in my webcam. i’ve been nagging andy to get one for me for a week. he finally did today and he said most of them were all sold out! all they had left was three funshine bears, one bedtime bear and one wish bear. he got me the wish bear. awww.. i’m in love again ^__^

added: i went to this site printed back on my bear tag and found this! hehe so here’s a better picture of my wish bear!

10 thoughts on “care bears!!

  1. Hey in Australia Care bears are coming out like crazy. There everywhere!!!! xDD I like the blue, pink, purple, orange green eeeep… All?

  2. awww!! how CUUUUUUUTE dodo!! hahaha you make me want to get one XDD

    hahaha but wow.. carebears are so… old…. i remember watching the show when i was little XD hehehe

  3. I am so glad the care bears are coming back! I want them all. Right now all I have is bedtime bear and birthday bear (older one). I did pick up a few baby things though.. for when and IF I ever have a little one! The Plush Care bear blankets are sooo soft! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Take care!

  4. Yeah!! I wanted a huge Care Bear for the longest time, too! And then finally I found one (they sell out so fast!). So now I’ve got a nice cuddly Bedtime Bear to sleep with. ^_^ Care Bears are the best!

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