11 thoughts on “$2 per envelope addressed?

  1. Taken from another site:


    You’ve probably seen those mouth-watering ads that tempt you with the promise of $2 (or $3 or $4) for each and every envelope you stuff.

    Does the phrase, ‘Too good to be true’ come to mind?

    It should. In this technologically-advanced era, we have envelope stuffing machines that can do the work cheaper and faster than hiring a home worker. Even without a machine, why would a company pay someone $2000 to stuff 1000 envelopes, when they can pay any number of willing local workers the same MONTHLY salary to stuff unlimited envelopes?

    This is how it works: Normally you pay a ‘startup’ or ‘materials’ fee – or sometimes the scammer states that the fee is to ‘make sure you’re serious’.

    You stuff the envelopes with a flyer or circular that attempts to scam another poor soul into parting with the startup fee.

    In all these years online, I have never met anyone who’s made even a single dollar with envelope stuffing.

  2. If US Home Workers is somebody’s trading name, then yes, they can. They just claim it under their trading name instead of their individual name.

    But, Al, not all things tha require a fee to make money is a red flag. Party plan consultants require a “fee” in order to get their starter kits, but you can make money and run a successful and reputable business with the system. Examples are Avon, Nutrimetics and The Body Shop At Home.

    But this… Egh… Maybe find something more worth your while, dodo. ^^; I can imagine this type of money-making system is targeted at ppl who have nothing better to do than to sit around and stuff envelopes.

  3. I stuffed envelopes once. It was boring and tedious. I did not have to pay any fee; we went to a center and they gave us boxes of the stuff. Most of it was college audience-oriented (credit cards, eBags, magazine subscriptions). They were supposed to pay my sister and I $8/hour but you know, we spent dozens of hours doing it and we only got $80 each. Don’t waste your time, sis. Why don’t you try getting a paid internship instead? Right Stuf International’s a big anime company that hires graphics interns in Iowa.


  4. I workerd at PCH which had a dept of homeworkers, and yeah seriously.. like Al said, they can pay low skilled people hourly wages (usually minumum) to do this, so it’s highly doubtful that some company will pay such outlandish fees for basic envelop stuffing. And besides, no offense, but I don’t think you havae 8-10 hours a day to spend stuffing these envelopes.. from what I saw at the company, it’s really boring, and takes really long to complete. 1 box which is up to 1000 envelopes takes at least 3 hours

  5. Sarah, thanks for the link! but graphics is not my best.. i want to do programming but i will reply and just see what i can do 🙂

  6. I dont think paying means it’s bad. I know 2 people who work in headhunting and employment companies and they do charge a fee for applicants depending on the type of job, because a lot of the time, people signup and they leave just as they’re found a job, so it’s a loss for the company. Charging a fee is just to insure that they are serious about looking for another job.

    But I do think the not SSL secured part is a thing to look out for.

  7. Don’t waste your time. It’s a scam. No business person can pay 2 bucks per envelope and make money at it. everyone does everything the cheapest possible way. 2 bucks per, is not cheap. It’s a tempting offer that spells RIP-OFF.

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