andy puking

poor baby is sleeping now. i really hope he gets better tomorrow morning. he has the weakest stomach i’ve ever seen and yet he’s so uncareful when he eats.

i came home from work seeing him eating a sub. that sub is a week old. since i was hungry, i thought i’d have a bite too. i only tore a small piece of the ham and right a way i could tell the meat was not fresh and i spit it out like poison. i was like andy you are sure that sub is not rotten? he said it tasted fine for him and stubbornly refused to my suggestion of throwing it away. i didn’t insist too much since he’s about finished anyway.

only about an hour later, he started puking in the bathroom. and my mind said: it was that SUB. it had to be. all the same symptons as happened a year ago only not as severe. i prayed so that he won’t need go to the emergency room again. and he didn’t. i finally got him to the bed with some warm tea and he’s soundly asleep now. let’s pray.

13 thoughts on “andy puking

  1. i’ve discovered that pepto-bismal really can work if you can manage to keep it down. otherwise, it’s good for getting any excess food out >_!

  2. it’s a proven fact that females have stronger, er, disgust reflexes? ^^; so women are more careful with what they eat because they can taste if something is spoiled moreso than men can. *shrugs* but that is gross though, even i wouldn’t eat something that’s a week old, regardless if if tasted fine or not. o.O;

  3. “even i wouldn’t eat something that’s a week old, regardless if if tasted fine or not. o.O;” – hahaha.. andy eats anything esp. when he’s hungry.

  4. Aw, that’s awful. My parents said that if you drink a soda, it will help settle your stomach, though I don’t know if its true, its worth a try if he feels crappy in the morning.

    The sub was a week old? Yeck! If I save sandwiches, I only save them for a day and then I throw them out if I don’t eat them ’cause I’m afraid of getting sick!!

  5. aww hope Andy gets better:(

    btw, I think it is some of your skin that the MORE doesn’t work on, because I was just under the cityline one, and the MORE didn’t work, so I chose cute girl theme… and it works fine 🙂

  6. I have to say I read that and laughed… a little. I get amazed at how men can completely ignore what you say and then later they expect you to nurse them back to health! Though I know we can’t help it since we love them! 🙂 I wish Andy firstly to listen to you a little more when it comes to food and secondly to feel much better!

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