beautiful weekend

so many beautiful things happened this weekend. first of all, i want to thank jenn with all my heart for making this beautiful fanlisting. i really don’t know if i deserve it or not but i’m extremely touched by it. then andy’s mom’s easter party was very lovely. we each got a easter basket and a yummy breakfast. i even got a glowing in the dark bunny necklace haha. it’s a treasure. i meet up with steve last nite to study for the system software exam today. two other friends of his were there too so we discussed the practice exam. we had a room in the library all to ourselves and i got to teach a bit while writing on the blackboard. it felt so good!! you know i’ve always studied by myself and i’m usu. kinda depressed and worried about the upcoming test but the study last nite was FUN! i am looking forward to the test now 🙂

andy said something so beautiful to me; i want to cry every time i think of it. the nite before easter we were talking on the bed. and a silly person like me always ask strange questions. but truthfully i always feel he’s doing so much for me and i’m not doing enough. i feel rather selfish compare to him at times. so i said to him that i feel sometimes i’m asking too much of his love. he said what a silly question that was; if i ask for his life, he’d give it to me, how could i possibly asking too much of his love? i felt like in heaven when he said that. when i was younger, i dreamed for a man who’d love me to that degree and now it’s already happening. even after so many years of being together, i still can’t believe how much andy loves me and how lucky i am. maybe it’s all just a dream.

6 thoughts on “beautiful weekend

  1. awww wow!! =*) isn’t andy the honeybun!
    honey relating to bear, bun realted to yummy…?

    hahaha alright anyhow XDD
    but awww, very happy for you dodo 🙂 that you found someone as special, who loves you so much like him 🙂

  2. Ahh, if we’re both dreaming, please don’t wake us up. 🙂 I feel the same way about Albert. Aren’t our boys the greatest? 🙂 I hope Andy is feeling better now. *hugs*

  3. you deserve it dodo! for me, it’s because of you that everytime i make a new layout, i strive to do the best i can. even though it’s still not the greatest, i still try

    good things happen to good people. you’re a good person.

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