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thank you for all the beautiful responses. i really didn’t expect them. thank you! i feel a lot better now altho i still wish i won’t be heading into the finals week so soon (mondays make you think of reality sigh..). there is a lot of school works to do. i lost a website job i applied for the summer. but i’m not as sad about it as i was on friday. the person says he will still give me contract works if i want. i’m not sure. i plan to work many hours in the computer lab. summer is finally here! i think it’s time for a break. look! this is the gift andy gave me on saturday when i was crying. yesterday we spent a wonderful day together. i didn’t get up tho until the afternoon. i stayed up finishing watching meteor garden II until 7 in the morning LOL.. after i got up, i did haircuts for both my dad and andy. then andy grilled some chicken breast and we made side dishes. it was a nice meal. we were all stuffed. at nite we went to dairy queen got some ice cream and went for a walk.

i didn’t cry 🙂 we cuddled a lot. he said many cute things like he always does.. i’ve always wanted to write them down but i never have the chance. the only one i remember now is when i asked him why he grabbed me when i hit the bed at 7am. i didn’t know he was a awake then and he said: coz you are my poopoo and needs to be hugged, kissed and squeezed. LOL.. he always calls me poopoo 🙂 too bad no one is in bed any more. it’s monday morning again. i miss him a lot but i’m not gonna cry. it’s sweet to think about what had happened yesterday.

btw, i keep getting annoying popups on my computer. i know it’s not from any webpages but my own computer. WHAT THE.. ? i ran adware many times but it’s not able to get rid of them.. what should i do?

songs i got stuck in my head – “simple and clean” (kingdom hearts theme song); “i could never let you go” (meteor garden II theme song); “the love you want” (meteor garden I ending song)

9 thoughts on “THANK YOU!

  1. Gahhh.. Andy sounds so sweet. I’m glad that you found someone who cares for you so much… Don’t know what to do about those ads.. I have the same problem, too. Ah well 🙂

  2. Turn off the ads by going to Start > Settings > Control Panel > Admin Tools > Services > look for “messenger” then uncheck it to disable it.

  3. Wow, someone’s extremely sleep deprived. Hehe, glad there are so many of us out there. But for the sake of TV, it’s worth it. 😉

  4. not that close la.. but we do have dinners a lot since i feel sorry for him because of my mom. he’s quite lonely. so i try to get him involved in many activities possible.

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