school n work


i was looking thru my referrals and found many links to my drug legalization page from hmm, was someone trying to plagiarize with my work and got found out? HAHA for whoever has done it. i’m glad the person got caught. but you know i never thought about that.. displaying my writings is very encouraging for plagiarism online.. drug legalization is such a common topic.. whoever takes the side i took can basically copy my entire speech and does 0 work for full credit if the person didn’t get caught. the worst is google would allow my writing to come up at the first page of their search. OMG someone just recently did that search and guess what? it’s from!! HOLY CRAP.. someone from my own university might be copying my work and yet i have no way to know who it is. eek.. that’s terrible.

but i still want my writings be read by those who respect them. what should i do?!

these are so cute. i stole them from kimi.. she always has the cutest kitties pictures 🙂

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