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truly i’m confused

the person who didn’t offer me the position as a student web assistant at UI told me he’s interested in giving me contract works. he wanted me to call him if i am interested. i didn’t get a chance until today. he stated in the email saying the person he ended up hiring is someone who had ran an online company for the past year in UK. seriously, why would someone who runs an online company a year ago, comes to an university and applies for a STUDENT WEB ASSISTANT position?! but that is not even weird enough. when i called him(the employer) today he said he’d offer me $12/hour for graphic designing contract works. he wants my final product saved as a photoshop file. they will do the html part. from what i interpreted from the interview, he needs a graphic designer more than a programmer. now after he’s got someone who’s so impressively capable, he still has contract works for me? what is going on?! i’m truly confused.

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5 thoughts on “truly i’m confused

  1. Hmm. Sis, if you can get the job, go for it. You know the job I had now? Well that’s not what I started with. When I was a student, I was hired to do data entry, and simple html things. When they found out I could do more, they gave me other tasks, which later turned into a position I currently have. Hopefully this job could turn into a full time position by the time you graduate or something. 🙂 Good luck! Work there for a year… and then move to CA with me. hehehe

  2. Some ppl genuinely like to give students a break. In return, they don’t have to pay such high wages. It’s mutually beneficial. Just make sure all the legalities are clear and that you know you’re not going to get messed around by them. They will most likely already have covered their behinds, so just know what you are entitled to and you should be OK. ^^ Good luck.

  3. $25/hr is almost $40 in my currency! I wouldn’t pay that much unless you were a professional with a proven track record!! Wow! donny, if you got paid that much when you first started out with no professional experience, you’re lucky! I wouldn’t mind getting paid that much for graphic design! Who did you get that job with?

  4. LOL i always thought if they’d pay me $12/hour for a full time position, i will be like in heaven. but contract work is just as good. at least i control the time then which means i can work on their work at my job as a lab monitor. getting paid twice.. woohoo!!

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