cutie discoveries

i was browsing the discoveries section on my board and found these:
this is a panda or a dog?
make your own snowflake – i love the gallery so so much. i’m #201427 – look at this girl’s pixel arts. falls over.
the smallest dog in the world – “I sleep in a ferret bed and you could get about 4 of me in it comfortably.”

more photo stolen from kimi 🙂 haha

6 thoughts on “cutie discoveries

  1. I went to all of those links! My favorite is the panda dog. 🙂 So cute! The snowflake maker is fun, too!
    That hot dog is adorable. *KISSES*

  2. That snowflake maker is so fun!
    The panda/dog thing was adorable too. I really should go through DMB’s different forums more often.

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