andy quitting KFC

can you believe it? andy finally quit KFC last Friday after working there for almost 7 years!! His last day of work was not a breeze. At least it’s all over for him now. OMG, i’m gonna see him after 6pm tonite. It will be such a great feeling knowing that he won’t be at KFC and i won’t be home alone.

andy has been talking about quitting KFC for a while. after summer starts, he will be able to work full time at accurate automative. He’s taking three ASE tests this week. He’s been studying really hard. If he passes them, he will ask accurate for a raise. He’s happy that he no longer has to work at two jobs. I’m happy that he’s finally found his true career and got a great start. I don’t know when I will be able to find my ideal job sigh…..

3 thoughts on “andy quitting KFC

  1. OMG!! Sis, I’m so happy for you and Andy! 🙂 You can spend more time together now. 🙂 Plus he has a full time position! woot!!

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