new web sis and more

Guruubii emailed me yesterday and she brought back her famous itty bitty kitty trailor! so pe.net has a new sister now 🙂 man, we used to be sisters how long ago? that was when i was still on crosswinds haha. she first got hosted on cafe-lain.net and then she got me hosted too. wow.. that’s so long ago! she left the net for a long time and now she’s back. i’m so happy! welcome back Guruubii!

jessi‘s back! yay! with a new layout too! her host’s hosting company had difficulties. but i’m so glad she’s back. and grace‘s got a new layout. it’s so freaking cute! i’ve promised myself that i won’t make any new layout until after the final week. i need spend more time studying *like i’m doing it, slaps forehead*

andy’s taking his FIRST ASE exam tonite on manual drive training. i will go there with him to wish him good luck.

i’m so looking forward to summer. i have so many web projects to work on *sigh* but i also wish to rest too.. 😦 i want to finish playing kingdom hearts! arg.. why is life so complicated?!

8 thoughts on “new web sis and more

  1. I’m looking forward to summer too! Only a few more weeks and I am done with school!

    Go study for your tests! If you think about your tests, rather than longing for summer, then it might go by a little faster. Ok, that is a crap theory, but oh well!

  2. well, i think to leave you a message here would be easier than sending you an email. Just drop by to tell you I have some some pictures on my website.

  3. Good luck for your exams soon! Just think, by the time you have them done with, we still have them infront of us. *eek* I hope you can find some rest soon, you sound like you could need another vacation. *huggles* Good luck for Andy!!!

  4. hiya dodo =D jsut came by to see your cute domain again, before i go take a nap to get rid of my migraine -_-+
    I added you up on my sister sites page ( my temporary one before i make a better one ) toodles =D

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