Camping :)

I think camping is a wonderful experience. it makes you feel so relaxed. you would enjoy the nature so much that you’d forget where you are. i really wish i can be there forever.

andy and i got to the camp site around 9am. it took us an hour to settle down. putting up the tent was a lot of fun. at first we couldn’t make it stay up coz we did it wrong. but we figured it out quickly. it felt great sitting inside of a tent. andy said we always yearn to be back to the womb and sitting inside of a tent gives us that feeling. haha, whatever. we soon went on a walk and found we were surrounded by trees. the trial was short so we went back for lunch in an hour. it was my first time building a camp fire too. it was a lot of fun. of course as a small child, i never got to play fire.. now i can LOL.. so much fun!!!! after lunch, we went to the lake and took a short nap lying next to the lake. serene and relieving. i took quite a few pictures while i was lying there. it felt so nice and carefree. after that, i pretty much lost the interest in taking pictures, coz that kind of environment makes you lazy =P more fire to play with at nite šŸ™‚ we saw many stars! the big dipper was so CLEAR.. i remember andy taught me how to recongize it when we first went out šŸ™‚

here are the pictures i’ve taken.

btw it was rather COLD sleeping in the tent.. hmm next time we will bring more blankets.

9 thoughts on “Camping :)

  1. awww šŸ™‚ seems like you guys had so much fun! ^____^

    didn’t see any bears eh? lol!
    and aii!

    Don’t play with fire at home now! ;D hahaha

    make sure you always have a responsible adult (in this case andy) watching you carefully! :O! lol! heheh =)

    do it again sometime ^___^

  2. looks like you guys picked a really nice site. the alst time i went camping was probably 3 years ago…i like it a lot. i always had trouble sleeping though. btw, nice pictures

  3. i like camping tents. ^^ they’re very nice to snuggle in.. and campfires too! warm and snuggly.. seemed like you had a great camp, how i wish i could go on camp right now.. but there’s school and all.. ughks!

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