b2 commenter plugger hack

remember the hack i mentioned in my previous post? well, i did it today. it wasn’t too bad. you can view the details here and see a screenshot here. basically it lists all the distinct commenters of certain entry or numerous entries as you request. download here

UPDATED I made it a popup window, allowed alphabetizing and also added the select all and copy javascript for convenience.

now i might as well plug some commenters πŸ™‚
Amy jenn Melissa Corey Molly Lex chi mar Daynah Angelique natasja mariekythe kat Rex Su gaile Mandee edelle Connie veronica hannah Kat Kim Krissy C Jessi heather donny Eve Shawna eftalia Jessy charlene ecila Miki ero

8 thoughts on “b2 commenter plugger hack

  1. i like that hack- many people would find it useful ‘cos they get loads of commenters and they just love plugging them ^^ but maybe for me i have too little commenters.

    just a suggestion – perhaps you could have some kind of ‘alphabetical’ order function. some people might like that ^^

    good job nevertheless:)

  2. Dodo, is there some way you could also make a download file for macs? i would love to have some form of this hack also. thanks πŸ™‚

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