first impression

are you bored?

i cleaned the whole computer lab and in the time left at work i decided to make some use of it. and that’s what i came up with. it took me about 2 hours to finish the script as well as finding those pictures. LOL.. i’m so hopeless.

poor andy.. he must have gotten poison ivy at the camp.. he’s got huge red rashes all over his face and neck. his boss finally couldn’t bear to look and asked him to go home. he called me a while ago and told me. 😦 i’ve never gotten poison ivy before.. i don’t know how to handle them and how long they would last so i’m researching some info for it.

update wow, i found a great poison ivy tutorial site, click!

PLAY hellokitty game and win free stuff

7 thoughts on “first impression

  1. I’ve never come in contact with poison ivy but I’ve heard that rubbing vitamin E on the red areas helps soothe the itching.

  2. from that site, poison ivy seems like a terrible thing to get =S hope you can successfully find more info on it and hope he gets well soon =)

  3. I remember i got poison ivy when i was youger, i was playing hide and seek at night. i didn’t know what to do. the first thing i did was take a shower, but that help a bit. then my mom gave me some cream, don’t remember what is was called or if it helped. heh.

  4. Woo, haven’t been keeping up lately. =(

    Gack, poisin ivy. @_@ I never got it. Poor Andy. =( I hope he gets better. =(

    Thanx for the page too. o.O! Maybe I can watch out for poisin ivy~

    BTW! I really love the scripts you’re coming up with! I wanna go back to using b2. XD XD

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