regretless new layout

it’s two days of hard work. it’s mostly done πŸ™‚ if you see errors, please report.

the weather has been incredible so we’ve been spending lots of time outside. playing frisbee golf and picnic. tomorrow we are going to have a picnic with andy’s boss from accurate automative. btw, i got that song i wanted πŸ™‚ thank you ye hang. i’m glad you are back πŸ™‚

42 thoughts on “regretless new layout

  1. Looks very cool. The black areas seem a little out of place, though. The rest of the colours you used make it feel like the black should be substituted with dark grey, or something to make it look less empty. The style looks really good, though. Personally, I feel it’s a bit floaty (like, the bottom of your coloured area should extend down to the bottom of the browser window (ie. no padding), but if the floatiness was what you were going for, then it looks blardy excellent as is. ^^ Very stylish and it’s excellent how you’ve displayed as much information as possible to a visitor’s first view of the page, and still succeeded in keeping everything neat and orderly. ^^ Good stuff!

  2. Aiyah, in the section about your Java knowledge, did you mean “Code Warrior”? Or is it actually called “Code Worrier”??

  3. GREAT site!!! i waz on a search engine and ur site came up and i waz woundering if u cud tell me how 2 get thiz theme on my desktop i have been looking 4 it on ur site and i cant find it the name of the theme iz xp_pucca_ocean_theme.gif if u cud email me and tell me how 2 do it dat wud be great thxz

  4. Dodo, that layout is amazing! Your hard work really shows, it was worth it. You’ve always been so talented. I remember your pink neon heart layout at DNW, I was so impressed πŸ™‚ Keep up the hard work, you are awesome πŸ˜€

  5. miki, i agree with what you are saying. i might change it to dark grey like the color at the bottom. daynah also suggested to change the background to light purple.. maybe that will soften it a bit.

  6. Hey Dodo! I arrived at your site through the wonderful Angelique’s home, Angelic-Network. I noticed you owned a clique so I thought I would like you know that I have reopened Cliques R Us — if you’ve ever heard of it. I’m trying to get the word out that it is back up. Well, talk to you later!


  7. you’re homepage is great lots of resources to help other people. thank you very much for making a ” formemail” your explaination on how to use it is very well understood. I really appreciate it x0x0

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