new livejournal icon

ok this is my newest livejournal icon.
my love triangle
it respresents my complicated triangle relationship.. LMAO
don’t ask me, it was all daynah’s idea! here’s our conversation (beware of sexual contents below LMAO)

me: ack click
daynah: what the heck is that
daynah: looks scary!
me: kimi found that her bathtub.. yikes
me: i love her icon haha click
daynah: cute!! hehe
daynah: u should do that
daynah: with your photo hehehe
daynah: small photo of andy
daynah: then me LOL
me: hahahaha.. why?
daynah: ^_^ cuz you ❤ me!!
me: haha ok i will
daynah: hahahaha
me: it seems that bug is this
daynah: millipeds are nasty looking too
daynah: we had one in out apt
daynah: this HUGE BLACK thing with THOUSANDS of legs
daynah: ewww
daynah: hard body too
me: haha.. did you kiss him? LOL
daynah: sick!
daynah: lol
daynah: we were scared
daynah: vacuumed it LOL
me: LOL
daynah: omg.. i wonder if we threw the bag away lol
me: oh no, it will climb into you bed at nite!
daynah: lol
daynah: it’s been about 8 months tho
daynah: i hope we changed it hehe
me: hahaha
me: he probably left his offsprings for you
daynah: EWWWWW
daynah: how?
daynah: mate with itself??
me: you don’t know they are asexual?
daynah: OMG!
daynah: LOL
daynah: they masterbate ?
daynah: and make babie?
daynah: wow
daynah: hahah
me: haha
daynah: wonder how the comdom for that would be like haha
me: condom?
daynah: if bugs wore comdoms.. LOL
daynah: *wait hon, let me put this leaf on first*
daynah: *i don’t want 1000 babies again* LOL
me: hahahhahaa
me: hahahaha

17 thoughts on “new livejournal icon

  1. Hi. I know this is completely off-topic, but I have found no way to contact you and was wondering if I could ask something about one of your scripts. I did a search on your boards and didn’t find any help there. Would this be possible? :

  2. LMAO! The part “*wait hon, let me put this leaf on first, i don’t want 1000 babies again* LMAO! That is just too funny! hehehe.

  3. The only headings I see are Desktop, Themes, Daily Reads, Web Things, Others and XChange. With your faeries theme, it doesn’t have the options I now see using the cityscape theme. Odd. Anyway, I submitted a form. It’s probably easier for you that way. Heh. Anyway, thanks for the help. Sorry to have been a nag.

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