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last nite *faint*

andy did it again! it’s almost exactly like what happened more than a year ago. he was so sick to his stomach last nite that he was overly dehydrated. only this time we didn’t have go to the emergency room because his condition was finally under control around 5 in the morning.

i’m really not sure what exactly he had eaten that made him so sick. because i ate the exact same thing he did yesterday and i am just fine. maybe he’s allergic to certain things in the food that he doesn’t know. he doesn’t have any health insurance to see a doctor about it right now. i’m so worried. we had dinner at his dad yesterday to celebrate father’s day. his dad grilled turkey breasts and brots. they were fully cooked. andy’s bro, sister, dad, step mom, and step grandparents were all there. i’m pretty sure nobody got sick besides andy.

he first started showing symptons around 11pm. he had diarrhea and his stomach started to hurt so bad that he had to crawl on the floor. by the time we went to bed, he seemed a lot better. since both of us had to go to work the second morning, we tried to fall asleep. i was never soundly asleep because i could feel andy constantly crawling out of the bed to the bathroom. around 1am, i started hearing him puking. because of his experience a year ago, he was afraid of getting dehydrated so he kept drinking water. and later he admitted that he drank maybe way more than he should have. that probably caused the puking. and ironically puking made him dehydrated.

around 2:30, his diarrhea stopped but puking persisted. i was really worried and got out of the bed. neither of us wanted to go to the emergency room again after our last experience. it’s overly expensive and they really don’t take good care of you there. so i went to the gas station to get his some Gatorate. that’s the drink suggested by the doctor last time. i knew he could not drink water any more. so i let him have a little Gatorate just to test. unfortunately not long after that, he puked it out.

after that, until 4am, i didn’t allow him to have any more fluid even tho he was dehydrated. drinking any kind of fluid would only cause him even more dehydrated and the puking needed to STOP. finally around 5 o’clock he fell asleep on the sofa. i couldn’t stay awake any longer so i collapsed on the bed. by the time our alarm went off at 7 am, we knew we couldn’t go to work any more. so both of us made phone calls to get off work. he came to the bed and said he drank the whole bottle of the Gatorate around 6 and he was ok. *blink* *blink* i guess that’s good if he could maintain that way.

i took another nap until 10am and then i went and got 3 more bottles of Gatorate for him. he’s only been drinking that until now. he finally seems soundly asleep on the sofa (he said sleeping on the sofa makes his stomach more comfortable than on the bed). let’s hope he will get better by tomorrow since both of us want to go to work tomorrow.

8 thoughts on “last nite *faint*

  1. I’m sorry to hear about andy. That’s exactly what happened to allan two years ago. We ate the same thing but I was just fine. We had to go to the emergency in the middle of the night, he got shot but it didn’t help. He only felt better when I got him peppermint tea the following day. I pray that he gets better.

  2. awww =( that’s awful! i’m glad that andy’s condition has at least stablized =]

    but seriously, he should get checked to find out what’s causing all this. He may be allergic to SOMETHING.

    take good care of him *pat pat*

  3. Wow, that’s awful. I hope he feels better now. Dodo, have you tried giving him plain dry foods like bread or weet-bix to help with the diarrhoea? That’s supposed to be helpful, even if it’s food poisoning.

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