39 thoughts on “new theme alert: bubbles

  1. I wish I was this talented! Your site really rocks.
    xoxo Rachel
    P.S. Don’t try to go to my site, it’s been down for a while. I’m putting up a new layout sometime in the next 2 days.

  2. Lurve it! ^^ I’ve always loved themes where you do the same thing but in different colours (re: your sidebar title images). ^^ Very stylish. They almost look like candy… Beautiful. ^^

  3. This website layout is really really nice.. I recon it is even better then mine because I had my website on and then I took it off to redo the layout and it had only been there a month.. AND I FORGOT TO PUT MY GUESTBOOK UP! DAMMIT!

  4. I am a member of dnw but i cant login to change the info cos it pompted that my pw is incorrect so i used the lost pw function demo, my email add is invalid already. what shld i do?

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