textism refer script

for those who loves textism refer script, it’s time to upgrade. version 2.0 came out and it’s completely different from version 1.1. it uses one database table instead of four (that always annoyed me). and it erase old logged referrals as it progresses so it keeps your database small. example mine. but there is no upgrade instructions on that site. here is my tutorial on how to upgrade. if you are doing a fresh install, just follow steps 2 – 10.

1. i hope you remember where you put stuff like:

= /home/pure/public_html;
include . ‘/refer/logfunctions.php’;


2. download the version 2.0 zip, unzip etc.
3. open refer.php and fill in the necessary configurations.
4. backup whatever was in your ./refer folder and delete them.
5. upload the files from version 2.0 to ./refer folder
6. run
7. it should run fine if you got the configuration right for refer.php
8. do what it says on the setupdb.php
9. DELETE setupdb.php
10. CHECK to see if is working. If you see errors, you should post here
11. (optional) if you want to save your database space, you can REMOVE the old database tables. they are in your phpmyadmin and they are tables named: log_hits, log_pages, log_refers, log_hosts. JUST DROP THEM – this means you will lose all your old referral data but why you need them? *shurg*

if you ever screwed up really bad, i still have a copy of refer version 1.1 if you want it.

i added a small no comment text hack and a bug fix to the multiple more hack. basically all the no comment text hack does is to make b2 display something like “NO COMMENT” under the posts that has no comment instead of just leaving it blank. if you want it, grab it here

11 thoughts on “textism refer script

  1. Thanks for the more hack..for some reason though the second “readmore” doesn’t open. oh well, it’s a cool hack.

    I’ve been using refer 2 version for some time now. I really don’t see much difference . Just shows I’m not much of a coder.

  2. When I try to unzip refer21.gz I get a WinZip message that says “Please enter the full name of the file contained within the archive refer21.gz. For example, if the contents is a DOC file, a recommended filename is refer21.DOC.” In other words, I cannot seem to download the file. Was hoping you might have a copy. I would really appreciate your help.

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