ff8 and kingdom hearts

we finally finished playing final fantasy 8. tell you the truth, i didn’t like the ending as well as final fantasy 9’s ending. final fantasy 9 in my opinion still has the best story line. i watched that ending over yesterday and i still felt like crying. ff8 ending didn’t make me cry. one thing i really liked about ff8 tho is the function. NO MORE 5 hours of level raising.. just 30 minutes of drawing. the battles in ff8 are SO MUCH easier. i didn’t bother fighting omega weapon =P. you really don’t get anything fighting him. i love the lion heart limit break. SO AWESOME! i found these cute dolls on this site. aren’t they cute?


so after ff8, we will go on to kingdom hearts! i left that game for months and months now i can finally pick it up. it turned out to be a big drama when i picked it up yesterday.

basically i remembered that i’ve already done the 3rd visit to transverse town. but obviously i loaded the WRONG game and got myself all confused. after i loaded the game, i couldn’t figure out why my ship didn’t have the warp ability and why phil kept telling the phil cup wasn’t ready. i was trying to do everything that should happen after you fought opposite armor but actually i even didn’t fight him yet. DUH! but at least andy used the time to modify our ship a bit. maybe i can level up some more today before he comes home. sora is at level 26, donal 25, goofy 30.

25 thoughts on “ff8 and kingdom hearts

  1. It’s kinda’ funny… Chris is at the very end of the game… the VERY end. LOL… but he hasn’t finished it yet. I liked watching him play it, I love Disney so it was an awesome game!

  2. I don’t really play many videogames anymore. My mom has a Super NES which we have Donkey Kong, Super Mario Brothers, and Star Fox for. I tried to play a Playstation a year ago but the 3-D thing really threw me off, hehe.

    BTW, I was one of the banned people, lol. I thought maybe you were doing some system change or some technical stuff that you had to take your site down for. Well, I am glad to be back reading your blog again πŸ™‚

  3. ff8 was more for the romantic, honestly i thought ff9 was boring. didn’t even finish it, got too bored…lol. Kingdom Hearts is good! Graphics fantastic but don’t like the battle sequence, prefer the ff type…

  4. hi! πŸ™‚ this is not in any way related to your current entry although i really wanted to say this… I just totally dig ” Qing Fei De Yi”, Meteor Garden’s Opening Theme song… :D(Zhi pa wo zi ji hui ai shang ni…) and also it’s closing theme song πŸ™‚ I’m filipina btw… Meteor Garden is aired here and everyone is really loving it! F4 too πŸ˜€ That’s all πŸ™‚ Dig your site!

    1. LOL i don’t know where this is all from. i did post a entry regarding meteor garden but that’s a long time ago. yea meteor garden is a ok soap opera but the sequel makes me sleep zZZz

  5. Ohhh what an adorable layout. I love ff9 too πŸ˜€ ff8 was the first ff game I play so that’s why I prob like it more than most πŸ˜€ Those bunny things are sooo cute!

  6. I loved FF8.

    I thought the ending was so sweet when Squall and Rinoa kissed!
    *end of spoiler*

    Rinoa is one of my favorite characters. She’s so pretty and her costume is awesome. I just bought fabric to redo it with cause it was perfect and only $1 a yard! I liked FF9 too, but not as much. I think my favorite Final Fantasy would have to be 6. It’s old school, 1994 on SNES, but it’s a beautiful game with great music and an awesome storyline.

    Are you going to play FFX-2 sis?

    1. i’ve played 8,9 and 10. of course i must get x-2 LOL i love 10 too but i didn’t like the story until it’s getting towards the end. i don’t know it was confusing and i didn’t like yuna’s personal until towards the end.

  7. Hi!
    COol site. The Kingdom Hearts theme song is simple and clean and u can download it pretty easily btw.
    ALso their will be a kingdom Hearts 2 coming soon!
    My faveourite FF is X cos the story rox. But i neva completed 8 and have tried lods and its hard, its so cool wen ultimecia goes all upside down! lol, then i lose. But the ending sounds kinda weird, like he turns into a child or something…
    I also love FF9 as it has such wiked chars and story!!! FF ROCKS

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