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my work schedule for the next five weeks is 8-6 monday – wednesday. I chose those hours because i get paid for half an hour extra for opening and closing the lab. this means i get a total of 33 hours for working just three days of a week. that sounds too good, doesn’t it? i thought so too. but now i start to wonder whether it was a good idea. basically it’s getting harder and harder to keep myself awake during work. i think it would be easier if i were to get up at 7:30 everyday. now i sleep in from thursday – sunday and trying to be on schedule for the next monday is hard.. i probably have a nite gene. another thing i don’t like about the schedule is that i get home the same time andy does, that leaves me very little time to prepare for dinner. i still want to cook but i need more time. esp. when i want to martinate the meat and whatnot. oh well i think i have too much complaint about a lazyass job.

9 thoughts on “job babble

    1. thank you for taking time to amuse me. i was about to fall asleep here at work 🙂 but that wasn’t creative enough to keep me awake for long 😦

  1. Hey, Dodo! 🙂 I am glad to hear that your new schedule works for you (at least that’s what I am getting by reading your entry…)

    Just wondering, did you get married? I am sorry, I haven’t been checking on other sites lately because I was busy with my domain…-0-;;;; Lovely site! 😀

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