30 thoughts on “is kairi so hot?

  1. just so you know, i tried your b2 hack with the read more, hide more thing, but whenever i linked to my site, it would refer to yours. I had to delete the hack 😦

  2. XD I love your Carebears! I want a big one like that. πŸ˜€ Cute layout too! Dang..those are some huge feet. Ok enough randomness, see ya!

  3. Kairi rocks my world!!! nah.. but she is so prettiful and such… i swear.. i have a thing for redheads, even if they are fictional *cough* scully *cough*

    oh, and by the way.. Dont Pay Out The CLowN ShoeS! lol

  4. Kairi is definately NOT sexy. I mean, she looks like a ten year old. Most guys probably like her because:

    -They’re in their pre-teens (Kingdom Hearts is rated E for Everyone ^_^)
    -They’re sick pedophiles
    -They’ve been smoking too much while playing that game.

  5. shes sooo hot and sexy.only cuz i have this thing for big feet and redheads,and cut the girl some slack.Shes only 14, so her chest is still devloping.not flat-chested

  6. You guys act like Kairi is a 20 something year old girl. she’s young ! she’s not gonna have some bangin body. Personally, She’s Very Cute

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