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andy will be away today

andy told me that he would be hanging out with his colleague after the work. he won’t be back until later at nite since he doesn’t have to work tomorrow. his colleague’s gf left to visit her parents, that gave them a chance to watch david bowie and nine inch nails dvds and listen to loud music etc. i suppose it’s somewhat a party for them?! LOL i don’t like him listening to loud music at home when i’m home coz well i hate it. and he’s caring enough to take my feelings into consideration. now that he’s gone, i already start to miss him. for some reason knowing that he won’t be home after work makes me a bit sad.

i guess slowly i start to get used to have someone to have dinner with every nite. it makes you feel like you actually own a home. it’s so difficult from living by yourself. not only because of the companionship but also the feeling. seeing him after work is something i always look forward to everyday. seeing his face gives me security. whether i’m in a good or bad mood, i feel someone would care to share. maybe that’s the basic dependency between husband and wife?

This morning he woke up early and we had a long chat about cats and dogs. among all the pets, we both like cats and dogs the most. they are just the ideal pets for us and we were discussing about which kind we should have when we could have one.

andy recently had seen a customer brought a cute pomeranian along to his dealer. he said that was a perfect dog. I found some pictures of them, they ARE extremely adorable. then we went on and shared funny pet stories. his colleague told him one time when he visited his boss. his colleague and his boss were sitting on the couch watching TV. all of a sudden his boss’ cat jumped up on his boss’ laps. by the time his boss realized what happened, that cat had already ran away and hid. that cat peed all over his boss’ laps! LOL i’ve never heard a cat would do that. but go KITTY LOL

I also had a funny story to share.

our family don’t know much about dogs because we never had one. one time my mom brought home a colleague’s puppy for an hour so we could pet him. when we had roman noodle, the puppy barked at us. so we gave him a little bit of the noodle to try. surprisingly the puppy seemed addicted to the roman noodle soup. he couldn’t stop drinking it. we gave him extra after he was done with the first bowl. well that was a huge mistake (please don’t do this to your puppy). later when my mom picked the puppy up to return it, it regurgitated the roman noodle soup all over her shirt. LOL I couldn’t believe it hahahahah.. my mom was so pissed. I laughed my head off.

25 thoughts on “andy will be away today

  1. aw… i totally know how you feel! when bryan goes somewhere after work i also feel a little sad… it’s nice to have someone to come home to isn’t it πŸ™‚

    cute dog!! me and bryan are going to get one when we buy a house πŸ™‚ i like chocolate lab puppies! πŸ™‚

  2. Ah, I’m single, I don’t know the wonders of having someone to be there all the time =

    I *adore* pomeranians. Me and my cousins were um .. dog-sitting two before – a small hyper one and a big sad one … the big sad one was SO CUTE! i love the pic you found .. victoria_1b. Hahaha, the story about the noodles .. your poor mum!! πŸ˜€

  3. My dad was obsessed with Pomeranian! I spent about 5-7 years of my life with several pomeranians. They’re really cute, some are pretty smart and loyal too.

    1. Do u breed poms?? i’m getting ready to move on my own at the end of april and i would love a pom, please get back to me. e-mail me thanks..


  5. Hey, I am interested in getting a pom. Do you have puppies? Are pugs good with kids? How much are they? Jen

  6. hi all i just want 2 say that i would recommend a pom 2 anyone i have 2 peanut &daisy

    ps. and they r gr8 with kids!!

  7. I’ve had a pomeranian for about seven years. we adopted him when he was three years old. i have never met a sweeter dog in my entire life. He’s my baby and i would recommend a pomeranian to anyone who needs a friend

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