site update

i can’t believe my funny images had not been linked properly on my fun section. I put it back in now. I finally added the blow job image so people who got here from “blow job tutorial” searches won’t get disappointed. now i only need to find a good “masturbate tutorial” image to help the others who are lost. if you know one, please don’t forget to tell me 🙂

I got an award from violina recently. thank you violina for your kindness.

there was a bug in my dodosimagesort script. If you use it, you should get the updated version asap. it makes sure all the images with the same width and height are properly displayed.

10 thoughts on “site update

  1. I hadn’t seen all those pics. I happen to like the girlfriend remote. several of my male friends found that esp. amusing.

  2. hi dodo 🙂 this is not related to the topic but i can’t stand silence not to tell you how georgeus your layout is! hehe… i like it so much. kawaii neee

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