i didn’t have any sleep last nite coz i was thinking about making a new layout for dnw. i finally got up at 5am to start working on it. it could be done pretty fast if i continuously working on it but i’m so worn out. i installed opera 7 to test my layout and guess what it doesn’t work on it arg. it seems opera has a bug. if you use iframe, it will always show up on top of everything else regardless how many z-index you use. does anyone have a cure for it? can you make something on top of an iframe in opera? help~! no one in even have an answer. stupid opera!

what the hell? i really think that’s ridiculous!

16 thoughts on “opera

  1. dodo, i didn’t get to sleep last night either. thanks for commenting. I cannot wait to see the new dnw layout! the freedom of speech violation is very ridiculous.

    1. i’m wanted to use iframe coz i want it something to fload on top of the iframe. i can’t use div since the rest of my sites use regular frame. it will too much to change. but i gave up on that floating idea. *shurg*

  2. I use opera 7 and your site, and all your skins seem to work fine on my computer, I have the paid version so maybe the trial version doesnt like iframes? anyway, dont worry about it!

  3. well i guess if its a new layout it wont hurt for people to open IE to view it, but im sure there is a way to work it out, your iframes on the pukka skin are great on opera, and iframes usually dont look too good on opera, i really wondered how you do it ??

            1. interesting. i think the reason it’s messed up is because she uses div layers. iframe doesn’t go well with div layers esp. if you use z-index. in opera, iframe always shows up on top of everything. i’m not sure why it’s on left instead of right for her. it lies in her coding. for my pucca theme, i just used table and iframe. no layers.

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