dnw new layout

i finally put up dnw’s new layout. click! i am trying to make my entire dnw site compatible with all new browsers namely IE 6+, Mozilla 1+, Opera 7+, NS 7+ but i don’t have NS 7 so i can’t really look at my layout in there. i will download it soon. the dropdown menu script only works in IE. i want to replace it with a better script. i prefer it to be dropdown but if i just can’t find a good one, i might just change them all to lists. do you know where i can find a script that like? comments welcome 🙂

35 thoughts on “dnw new layout

  1. I like this layout much, much better than the last. It loads so much quicker and doesn’t make my computer lag like the last one.

  2. I tried loading it in Apple’s Safari browser (my new default) and it didn’t work. I sent Apple a bug report tho

    Looks pretty cute in Mac IE 🙂

  3. I love the new layout @ DNW xD! It’s SOOOOOOOOOO cute xD!!! And I prefer it to the last one, because even though the last one was a beauty, it took quite a while to loads ^^;;. Great job!!!

  4. WOW!!!!! your new DNW layout rox my sox off 🙂 One of the most organised and pro like layouts I have seen in yonks ….. :). This layout is sooo cute aswell …. =)

  5. i like this one much more than the last one 🙂 i don’t know if my computer’s just messed up or what, but in the last one my computer had a hard time opening subpages up. the graphic in the corner really, really catches attention- i clicked on it because i was curious, i’m sure i wasn’t the only one, lol.

  6. Oh Dodo, that’s so lovely! And I tried it with my different browsers, it looks so phenomenal. Your site has always been and inspiration and you never disappoint. ^_^ thanks for the cuteness and the constant reminder that one doesn’t have to be a code-snatcher to have something wonderful and efficient. With love… yi yi

  7. nice new layout! i rely on you for scripts dearie, sorry, i didn’t even know dropdowns aren’t compatible with netscape. 😛

    1. i actually meant the javascript menu tree i used to use for my menus at left. i switched them all over to regular lists now. that was a project.

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