9 thoughts on “asian abuse

  1. i love your site! i stumbled across it when i was looking at sites from b2. are you the same one who does “dodo’s new world” cuz i love that site too! i love all your layouts for all the different themes you have. great work!

  2. Asian Abuse is one a biggest issue that has not been resolve for many years. I think a lot of time parents aren’t understanding and expressing their feelings. I was once a victim myself. I was abuse physically and mentally. You’re doing a good job for opeing Asian Abuse blog to let others express their feelings.

  3. It’s lovely that you have so much commitment to the community, dodo. ^^ A lot of the stuff on the blog hits so close to home. How can I go about helping without joining AA? (I don’t think I quite qualify to join). ^^;

  4. You really are one amazing person Dodo for keeping up with all that stuff. The stories are pretty amazing what people had to go through.

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