x-stitch patterns

i made my own cross-stitch pattern! thank you to veronica for sending me the originals. i modified them and here’s it is – PUCCA & GURI. i went to the fabric store yesterday and matched the color up with threads so now you can just find the threads with their corresponding color numbers and start the project!! it saves you a lot of money compared to buying a whole set. each of my thread only costed 29 cents. plus these patterns are not sold in stores πŸ˜‰ i’m working on a moogle one from jenn‘s pixel. i’m asking her permission to put it up :

Dodo’s scripts news
Version 2.05 released for Dodo’s No Margin POPUP Script. It’s now combined with this autocenter popup window script. You may turn it on if you wish to use it.

13 thoughts on “x-stitch patterns

  1. I finally realised how you made your pucca theme, i have been playing around with table layouts for a few days now, and i have made 4 table layouts for 4 of my sites! they are pretty simple, and what skin were you talking about? i made about 3 new skins in one go, i love making skins! I finally realised your ‘retired theme’ section! you have loads! Ive had 70+ layouts for my site in 7 months!

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