spyware alert!

if you are getting random popups for your IE like I do, you should start to be very cautious about spywares. they are EVERYWHERE!!

i found this site that teaches you how to block spyware cookies etc.

but i do it a bit differently. instead of blocking all those cookies, i allow only cookies from the domains i know such as,,

to do this, (for IE 6)
go to tools -> internet options -> privacy -> click on “advanced” button
and i made my setting like this. I blocked all cookies except session cookies. Then type the domains you wish to allow cookies below. This gives you tons of control about your cookies

you may do similiar things for other browser.

also this site gives you links to many free spyware prevention, removal softwares.

17 thoughts on “spyware alert!

  1. A few minutes ago I just realized there was a pop up regarding about spyware. Thanks for informing us about this. I will get my computer set up.

  2. Hi Dodo,
    This is somewhat irrelevant, but I really need to know…
    Do you know how to make it so people who do searches on search engines won’t be able to find my site? Like for e.g. I put my name on my site, and people who search that name will get to my site… is there any way I could avoid that?

    1. usu. you have to go to individaul engines to tell them to take you off. i know google does it. you can also use robot.txt and your meta tags to help. read more here and here

  3. Hiya! First time visitor here!! Wow this site is *amazing*!!! You’re so talented! 🙂 Thank you so much for the Spyware info! 😀 Take Care!

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