so i got the new smart media card from bestbuy and tried it with my camera. altho i am able to take some ok pictures, i still get reading error half of the time *insert sad face* but it’s better than nothing i guess. i just ordered this smart media card reader daynah told me about. i like the idea how you don’t have to keep your camera on when you are getting pictures off the card 🙂 hopefully it will work.

cute site plugs: who are evil couple? pixel drool another pixel *drool more* jenn’s lj

note to myself: this page has FF X-2 wallpapers i’ve been looking for 🙂

4 thoughts on “cam

  1. LOL, Dodo, I am glad to hear that your camer works…at least half of the time…hopefully, it’ll work all the time once you get that card.

    Ah~ that evil couple site is half unfinished. but thanks for sharing the links with us!

  2. Aww. Bittersweet … something’s better than nothing, I guess. But I hope that the one you ordered will be perfect =) thanks for the plug, Dodo!

  3. nah, that charlies angels skin is the first skin i ever made, but it is still my favorite, i think i am going to replace all my skins apart from the charlies angels one, i am working on some new skins now! i think i might do a cute one, i havent done a cute layout in a while, they are pretty easy, so i will give it a go! 😀

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