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This morning when i woke up, I’d decided to go to a salon and gave myself a medium rare hair style. Soon after I left the salon, I headed for a meeting at the nut club. the meeting went well but i fell asleep before it ended. To wake myself up, i went to the happy drug store. there i saw a woman wearing the newest fashion from rock&bitch fashion boutique. i was seriously amazed. the color of her dress was vibrant beyond belief. i had a nice snack break from the pumpkinpoo and it sure was delicious. unfortunately on the way back to my hotel, i saw some ugly profanity on the wall. what cheered up me again was the great computer store hard off hard off. before the sun set, i was able to make another reservation for yesterday for a friend of mine. i have to say, my day was fun and accomplishing.

7 thoughts on “My day at

  1. great new theme Dodo! as always you are great at making pretty layouts~ I so love your stiching project that you inspired me finish mine hehehe I’ve been meaning to finish that since ummm as long as i can remember. Thanks for sharing the online users script! =)

      1. ^^ i started it almost a year ago is a xmas design of a house with lots of snow, and a red bird umm come to think of it maybe I haven’t finished it ‘cuz it looks so complicated i’m not even half way tho…

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