useronline script

many people have asked me where i got the useronline script. the script was given to me from lele and i don’t know where she originally got it. but it was quite buggy and the coding was sloppy when i got it. it’s otherwise a pretty decent script. it gives you a quite detailed online user stats and plus it gives you your server stats. example here (look under server stats). so i fixed the things around and added a readme.txt it took me an hour to do all those.

YOU MUST KNOW how to use phpmyadmin in your host’s CP
YOU MUST KNOW your mysql database name and the corresponding username and pass
YOU MUST KNOW what absolute path means
YOU MUST HAVE basic knowledge for php. The script is the best for sites that use PHP include

and here it is. enjoy.

10 thoughts on “useronline script

    1. yea i know that a long time ago. (icq had it first i believe) but nope i’m not gonna do it. my IMs are totally reserved for friends only 🙂

  1. Hum… good remark… so if I start to code such a tool, it would be a good idea to implement an “expose to friends only” functions 😉
    But nevermind. Things will change. You have a forum with comments; and everybody can post; you even can receive IM or e-mail notifications. I do not see real problems to have public ids… and I really think it’s wonderful to meet people 🙂 There are more pros than cons…

    1. i used to have IM on my site. and yes i get lots of people IM me.. mostly want me to help them with their websites tho. some girl even told me “here’s my log in, will you go into my account and fix this and this for me”. WTH?
      .. so i decided not to any more. there are other ways to contact me. i’m usually quite busy when i’m online. i just don’t appreciate getting random messages like those poping up on my screen.

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