Tina’s note

some people are just so sweet and always make me smile. thank you Tina for your sweetest note!

“you probably get a lot of these, but congratulations! i’m a big fan of yours, i really admire your work and inteligence, culture, etc… and i love chinese people, i think you’re the smartest. I’m brazilian and i’ve known your site for a looong time, i don’t remember how i found it at first. I love computers and webdesigning, so your site always was very usefull to me, i love your tutorials, you explain things very well. This year i start studying medicine, a total different area, and i’m already much distant from computers, and closed my websites.
But your sites will for sure be one of the ones i’ll keep bookmarked forever. And i’ll be checkin the news whenever i’m online. Thank you and congratulations again! =D Your FAN from BrAziL .”

– no i don’t really get sweet words like yours everyday. THANK YOU 🙂

18 thoughts on “Tina’s note

  1. Aww. those words are sweet. 😀 I hope I can get some from my visitors. 🙂

    She’s telling all truths, I learned PHP from your site, and the no magrin pop-up from your site. It’s very helpful, and I love the message board too. xD heehee. anyways. c’ya. 😉

      1. if you want to learn something, this is not the site you should visit. you should visit dnw. she emailed from there anyway. hmm i just have a blog entry about my bandwidth. my space.. hmm i think i’m using around 250mb with pe.

  2. whoa that is sweet… the bookmark comment is so true. I want to visit brazil someday and get lost in the amazon and get found out after a day.. lol… meh… anyways, it IS nice to let others know you appriciate them and wonderful to feel appriciated 😀

  3. hehe lots of people are actually good fans but never have the courage to say so.. i’ve always appreciated your work =]

      1. I agree with Lele since I’m one of them ^^ from the moment I found dnw I fell in love with all your sites ^^ you’re pretty kool!

  4. I agree with Tina. Your site IS very useful and the tutorials are great. (Like I’ve said before, I ADORE your scripts. Me likey more!)

  5. reply from last comment! Macs cost £1000 i dont know how many $ that is but i would still like to earn that much so i could save up to buy one!

  6. Your site is an inspiration. Every time I drop by I see some new “Web Related” stuff you’re cooking. Incredible works! I love your Grass theme, by the way.

  7. Comments like these make it all worthwhile, don´t they? So sweet from her to tell you all of this, it really is. 🙂 She´s right Dodo! With everything! 😀

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