about daily reads

(i made most of this, you can grab if you want)

About your list
When and why did you start your daily reads list?
– Hmm a year ago? I first started coz i want to honor those who always comment πŸ™‚ i want to link them so i can return them visits and comments

Do you truly visit your daily reads DAILY?
– Yes most of the time unless I don’t have access to internet

Why do you add these people as your daily reads?
– Because I talked to them online or their blogs are just plain fun to read and/or their designs are just too eye catching.

How many people are on your daily reads?
– let’s see not counting lj friends, i have 22

Have you deleted people from your daily reads, if so why?
– Yes, because they don’t update their blogs often enough or I lost interest in reading their blogs 😦

Do you comment on your daily reads DAILY?
– I try to comment on everyone’s blog but sometimes i just have nothing to say.

How often do you modify your daily reads?
– Not too often but if ever get a new close friend online, i will definitely add him/her

Do you link people on your daily reads only because they linked you?
– Nope (that will be a link exchange to me)

Does daily reads have special meaning to you?
– Yes. i’m proud of my list πŸ™‚ they are great people and great friends

Your daily reads are mostly (F/M):
– Female of course coz girls RULE

What do you get from reading your daily reads?
– happiness, laughters, news about the world and internet plus news about my friends. and the chance to go completely nuts when commenting LOL

Are you likely to read LONG blog entries from your daily reads?
– not likely but if it really caught my attention then yes

Do you expect your daily reads to read your blog everyday in return?
– no, coz not everyone is a net dork like me.

About people on your list
Who on your daily reads has the coolest name?

Who on your daily reads has the coolest layouts?
jenn, felisha, gaile, steph

Who on your daily reads is most likely to comment in your blog?
daynah, ecila

How many people on your daily reads are your friends in “real life”?
– hmm no one really but i did meet daynah in person in march πŸ™‚

Who is the most intelligent or insightful person?
sarah, lele

Who is the least favorite/most annoying person on your daily reads?
– no one. why would i add them if they are annoying?

Who is most likely to give you news about the world or internet?

Have you ever wanted to meet people on your daily reads?
– Of course

Who do you admire the most?
lele, steph, donaville, gaile, annia

Who has an attitude problem?
– no one

Who is the funniest?

Who is the sweetest?

Who is the most out-going?
jenn I think

Whom can you trust the most?

Whom do you know the best?
daynah, ecila I think XP

Whom do you talk to most online?
daynah, leah, lele, adri

Who is the lastest daily reads you added?

Whose blog do you wish to drool all over on?

Whose blog do you enjoy reading the most?
lele, daynah

You are least likely to comment on which blog(s)?
JErm, miki, kat

12 thoughts on “about daily reads

  1. Whoa, I made coolest layout and most out going? Wow. XD XD I feel special now~! X3! I agree with cooky, the dailies info was interesting~ o.O

  2. Aww, hehe. Sorry, got nothing interesting in my blog for you to comment on. ^^; It was interesting to read. I’ve always wondered about ppls’ links lists.

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