partition software!

do you use a partition software that lets you partition your hardware how ever you want? If you do, do you have a recommendation for me?

When i first installed windows XP, i listened to my father to give the C drive only 4gb of partition. Because he said then whenever the window starts, it won’t need to search for its components in a big space which means that will increase the performance. well. i’m not sure now whether it’s true but i’m totally running out of space on my C drive. I DO NOT install anything on my C drive, all it has is windows necessary files. I do have fonts on there. Now i’m running out of space when I wish to download updates from MS. So I’m looking for a partition software that would re-partition my harddrive. I was looking at this one but the rating isn’t too high. What I really don’t want is to have the software screw up my computer and that I will have to reinstall windows. that will truly be a pain!! suggestions and comments? thanks!

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  1. I wish I could help, but I had no idea Partition programs existed :neitral:- lol. Sounds interesting, though! Good luck finding a good software- oh- in case you haven’t already- make sure you backup all your files before you use it :).

  2. Everytime I read your loggies… =_= is that even a word…I learn something new ^_^ YEAH! For Pure-Essence…I’m addicited…and its not scary. XD

  3. did you write the script for new millenium all by yourself! i think its an excellent script, ive looked everywhere for one like it for a new project im working on with bubs, im sure you’ll hear from us very soon πŸ˜‰

    1. hmm yea i wrote the script for new millennium. it’s a simple script actually. i don’t know what you mean by hearing from you?!

  4. I use Partition Magic. I have it partioned in four different drives. I did it last year….and I haven’t encountered any problems at all. I definately recommend that one to you.

    1. good question. i did a check and here’s the result:
      windows folder: 1.88gb
      documents & settings: 418mb
      program files (the programs that came with windows): 297mb
      other misc files are all less than 1mb in size except one called: MPSetupXP.exe.nv! which is 4.85mb
      that’s all

  5. partition magic has been recommended to me, so i guess that’s good. i’ve got the same problem as you, but i haven’t done anything about it yet. i should, lol. darn my lazy ass

  6. Your best option is to delete windows and install Linux.

    If you don’t want to I would also suggest Partition Magic.

    BUT first, you should try to find out why windows keeps getting larger – perhaps it’s just many temporary files or stuff you don’t need.

    BTW if you have no idea who I am – I can here via a link from lele’s website.

    1. no linux for me. hate linux. i’ve been trying to delete all the tmp files i found possibly fine. no help yet. not sure what’s taking up so much. i don’t really want to mess with the system folders.

  7. I don’t wanna be a tattle tale, but is the link posted in the url I just gave an actual copy of your site or just copying the ideas?

    1. hmm looks quite similiar.. she probably copied my scrollbar code exactly but i can’t really hold that against her. the image for the layout is not drawn by me.. just a picture from sanrio-x. so *shurg*

  8. You should take a good look at partition magic. I have been using it for years, its developed a long way! It is capable of resising your partitions without causing any data loss. It can deal with DOS (FAT), NT/2K/XP (NTFS), and even Linux (ext2/ext3) Patitions, probably more but those are all i’ve used. If you want any more information or advice, please feel free to email me πŸ™‚

    Kind Regards,

  9. I think I know how you can free up more space. Here is how it goes: Windows XP regularly backup your registry and some other system related files. These files can take up many megabytes of your hd space. What you can do is to delete them on a regular basis too. In “My Computer” window, right click on you C drive, choose properties->Disk cleanup->More Option tab->System Retore->Cleanup. That’s it! Now check back on your hd space.

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