weee hamtaro

  <– this is soooooo cute! so i joined =P why don’t you! and yea.. vote for me please coz i’m making a cute kitty face: =^.^= meow, i love you!

if you are a qbee member, you should VOTE FOR THE BEARS NOW!! they are absolutely adorable!

stacey my sweet sis decided to reinstall b2.. yay for her 🙂 gotta plug.. b2 rocks 😉

crap.. last nite i was trying to finish the “newly designed” wedding gift for my god brother. only to realize i stitched his name “ming” one row higher than “yan”. arg… now after i go home, i have to redo his name. crap.. i always make such silly mistakes for cross stitch. PINK POO!

22 thoughts on “weee hamtaro

  1. aww ham hams are so cute… blech, you have to redo the whole name? maybe you could pretend that it’s supposed to look that way 😛 errm anyways good luck 🙂 & voted for ya… yesterday.. without the kitty face lol.

  2. your such a perfectionist! your godbrother is lucky to have you, his present will be perfect. i think it would still be beautiful if you left it alone though =) *votes for dodo*

  3. Meowwwwwwwwwww! *hugs* i love my sis. 🙂 heh I didn’t know you liked Hamtaro. Have you seen the cartoon? it’s really cute. Hamtaro and the ham hams!

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