bunny eating

haha.. i spent the last half an hour reading the comments on this post. LMAO.. maybe it’s just a joke or whatever.. even if it’s not.. i don’t mind what that guy did. i probably wouldn’t eat my pets but after all it’s food. that guy can do whatever. the comments are simply hilarious if you read them.

i found this thread and this thread incredibly amusing. and this: “For heavens sake, if you go to the supermarket and buy meat from the shelf, all neatly wrapped in plastic, does it occur to you that someone may have named that beast?” – shouldn’t it be BREAST?! hey, name your BREAST!

14 thoughts on “bunny eating

  1. Blech, I personally find that rather digusting. Eating a loved one, I wonder what he would do if his great aunt died, make a feast out of her? mmm… that aunt was sure yummy *throws up* Not only was the bunny a pet, it also died in a disgusting way… *blech* Anyways… those comments are even more amusing than the entery 😀 lol… maybe it is a joke after all. hehe
    ps. That pink poo was adorable, it looked like ice cream to me at first 😛
    pps. I am an afflitiate, I have moved from my previous adress, could you please change it? thanks ^^

  2. Why are we comparing animals to human beings? If it was a chicken that he raised as a pet and then ate I doubt many would make such a hub-bub. Crazy people. ^^

    1. yeah. but thats a chicken. people eat them all the time. but eating a PET man that is SICK! i dont care if it is a joke or not, its not funny and its not right. and dodo, u sat there and read all them? wow.

  3. eww, and I cant believe that just a few days ago I was joking about eating bunnies. 😦 That’s really gross. 😦

  4. I don’t get the big deal either. I wouldn’t honor my pet like that, but I don’t mind that he did. I’d perfer to bury my pet so I can go to where they are to feel comforted as opposed to having them in me. Of course if it were a pet cow…I dunno. Maybe I would eat part of the cow and bury the other part? Or maybe even make some leather or something? I don’t know.

  5. Since I got a bunny myself I find only the thought of eating it a nightmare came true.. O_O that post is so gross.. even if he tried to make a joke

  6. hey dodo! wow thanks for visiting my site and commenting! i never thought someone with your great talents would ever look at my site…hehe and no im not trying to suck up…i’ve always felt that way about u and your lovely sites! well i was going to tell u how to make a rpm. file, but i looked on dodo’s new world and saw that u already had a tutorial for it, so i figured u already figured out how! Well yeah I’m absolutely loving your FAERIE layout! SOooooo cute! I’m going to add u to my links the next time i update them…take care! =P

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