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  1 ~ 2 ~ 3 ~ 4 Little Tigers – recently I found some little tigers’ songs online. They were a popular singing group in the earlier 90s’. They were extremely popular during my elementary school years. In many cases, I like them much better than the recent F4. They became famous because of their SONGS instead of soap opera. They sing so much better than F4 ever can. I loved them when they were still a group. They quickly dissociated though because of the military obligations in Taiwan. I remember I used to want to buy their tapes so bad but I never had the money to. Here are some of their best songs, all in mp3 format:

Stars’ Party
Flying butterfly
Call you “my love”
Green Apple’s Happy Land

I’ve been obsessed ever since I found them. I turned the speakers volume up last nite when listening to them. andy said he had never seen me listening to any songs that loud. these songs bring so many memories back. i remembered we had a dancing contest in fourth grade and i danced with their “Stars’ Party” song. many of my friends and i used to sing their songs over and over in spare time during school. the thing is their songs didn’t focus on love relationship as much as many of the recent songs. they are dedicated more to “growing up”, “dreaming for the future” etc. they were just perfectly fitting for our youth. oh dear.. now i want to cry.. esp. after listening to their “Goodbye” – saying goodbye to youth.. that’s for sure

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  1. Wow..does anyone know that these mp3s are? I been looking forever for these and these link does not work. =( plleeease help πŸ™‚

        1. well each of these songs is only 3-4mb.. if you download one at a time, it doesn’t take that long. plus i use dial up myself. i don’t download a lot of songs but once in a while, a couple doesn’t hurt. but then i’m not forcing you to download them. so whatever you want.

  2. I never heard of them. I will be sure to listen to them sometime though! I really like your site. It’s really cool and original. πŸ™‚

  3. Omigod! I used to listen to them when I was little. My dad got me the tape. It was my first tape ever. I loved it!

  4. I never heard of them…But I’m downloading the Goodbye one.. O_O Its done..lets hear it… *please hold* Hmmm…sounds cute…though O_O I think I got use to the music from right now…hehehe but is cute ^_^

  5. OMG~~ I listened to little tigers when i was little, i used to memorize all their songs from front to back, back to front. lols. i’m serious, if love Butterly Fly… omg. if ur computer can read the chinese i typed below phwawawaa, i can’t help to sing it, i remembered alittle:
    蝴蝶飞呀,飞向未来的翅膀, 张开梦想的翅膀… something something i forgot.lols. omg. i LOVE THEM!!!

  6. awwww. sorrie, just realized that my last comment didn’t make sense at all. xP sorrie. it suppose to be: 打开梦想的天窗. yeah. not 张开梦想的翅膀. πŸ˜›

  7. i forgot, here is their names: 乖乖虎,宝贝虎,旋风虎. they used to have this kind of instant noodles you noe? you know 乖乖虎 (苏有朋) he’s so cute. πŸ˜€ he’s in 还珠格格 act as the prince. πŸ™‚ omg. he’s sooo cute. πŸ˜‰

  8. Haha, when I was young, little tigers were popular xP Anyway Alec is still so cuteeeee and getting cuter, I never really liked nicky wu, and where did the other guy disappear to? xP

    And F4 is NOT THAT BAD okay, i mean, compare them to 5566! it’s like comparing the sky with the earth. *cough* At least Jerry, Vic, Vaness and Ken are good looking, esp Jerry, he’s soooo droolable. xP BUT 5566, those talentless rude and annoying boyband. i mean, the reason why they call themselves 5566 is because they are supposedly “5 people with 6 different *cough* TALENTS” *rolls eyes*. And even more so, they are sooooooo UGGGGGGGLLLLYYYYYY!!! excuse me while i rant, and they keep going on about how much better than F4 they are, but PUL-easeeee, everyone i know hates 5566, including my sister, the boyband fanatic (now she loves energy) haha.

  9. Great site. Love the layout. I was also wondering if you have any of Annie Yi’s songs in mp3 format? Been looking all over for them!

  10. I love your site give mine a visit. I’ve never heard of that band but I listened to Stars’ Party well clicking the link you had in the blog. It’s really good! Thanks for the link I never would have heard otherwise lol.

  11. OMG. O_O I was looking at the pictures, and … OMG, is one of those guys Nicky Wu? OMG! And Alec Su? Ah! I did not know this … Ah! O_O I’m so excited … Could it really be? O_O Wee … Damn, I’m hyper. O_O

  12. If you liked little tigers’ music, you ought to listen to “You ren zi rou”, their last dedut together. I loved that song the most and the MTV is great!

  13. *squeals* Xiao Hu Dui… gone but never ever forgotten!!! They are surely the best!!!! and Alec.. WhoOOot! Soooo cute!! and what can i say? hes surely growing up… that lil cutie is getting hotter and hotter! *squeals again* oh i love him so….

  14. I love Xiao Hu Dui since I was high school and until NOW. No other artis can compared their talent **sign, this is just my opinion** I have lots of their songs, anyone want it, I will be glad to share it with all of you. Xiao Hu Dui is the best, too bad that they are disbanded already, hehe

    1. I know it has been long that this has been posted but i was wondering if anyone can lead me to more current news of the singers as what they are doing now and sites where i can easily download the the xiao hu dui’s music… especially for Alec… did anyone see him in the ‘Aegean Sea’ here i find him more like a man than a boy… i am sure you will like it…

  15. Although xiao hu dui has disbanded, I am sure that many people still have a vivid memory of them… although they do not sing and dance exceptionally well, they have left imprints in our hearts, and I am one of them ^_^
    Their songs have also left a lasting impression on many others as the tunes and words have special meanings in between the lines ^_^ Although it is pretty heart-breakening to see them separated, but I still feel a sense of happiness when I see that each tiger has achieved so much now, esp. guai guai hu, Alec Su.
    I wish them all the best in the future ahead.

  16. I love Xiao Hu dui more then thebiy band nowdays i am 29 years old this years when i was 13 i save my whole week of pocket $ to buy their taps i really love them so much but damn the army why tw need them like sg above 18 u got to serve army damn them men if now i think Xiao hu dui will not dispen

  17. anyone know where i can download all the songs of Xiao Hu Dui (Little Tigers)? I’m a big fan of them since small…

  18. OMG I just bought a cd of Xiao Hu Dui and I’m totally loving it! I’ve been an Alec Su fan since HZGG and then I totally fell in love with his music. My Taiwanese friends told me that he used to be in a boyband with Nicky Wu and Benny Chen and I was like wow!! Hehe I was so ecstatic when I found there cd the other day; I’ve been listening to it since [I have 3 of Alec’s newer cd’s already]. Man they’ve all grown up so much. Benny Chen was in HZGG with Alec too [I think he played Er Tai, Er Kang’s brother], and I saw Nicky Wu in some shows, and he sings in Cantonese too. As for Alec, my love for him will never die…I will love him to bits and pieces, always and forever…and no matter how much he changes, I still love that adorable lil baby face of his. He will always be Guai Guai Hu. πŸ™‚

  19. I also have fun when I listen the song especially flying butterfly.. I get difficult to find out the lyric of the song in mandarin version with English translation..Do you have the lyric with the translation? You can send to my email or just reply my comment..Tanx to you…

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