i'm back!

i couldn’t access pure essence from my work place yesterday ARG.. i’m back now tho.. thank god! to clear up some confusion, i made the dolls NOT ANDY. i forgot to log him out when i posted it. so due the fact *cough* 40 more dolls were added *cough* i don’t know when my doll obsession will end. etang is just too good 😦 save me!

apparently while i was sleeping last nite, many dmb members freaked out at the fact that they were forbidden from the board. i had no idea what it was about but i’m glad to see the board back to normal today *cheese*

i ordered cannon G5 yesterday. and what the hell.. it was $596.29 yesterday.. how did they drop $2.13 just after i placed the order? purrr…

i was lying on the bed last nite trying to figure out how old i am.. i know this sounds very ridiculous but it was true.. i couldn’t remember my age.. does that ever occur to you? at least i didn’t forget the year i was born.. so i did a substraction and it turned out i’m 21.. jeez am i old or what? POOP

21 thoughts on “i'm back!

  1. well, your 2 years older than me. 21 is a special age, you can now drink and not get in trouble with the law =P i’ve never tried making a doll before, believe it or not, i think i’ll give a try though. lets hope i don’t get too into it.

  2. haha I do that sometimes too! I forget my own age after I turned 16.

    I’m 17 turning 18 now, and I STILL think that I’m 16 😛

    Dodo, you’re not old! Still young at heart 😉

  3. ditto to what kozzi said ^___^ you are young at heart =) probably at no matter what age, until possibly when you’re all gray x) hehe

    so no worries yet 🙂

  4. I almost never remember how old I am! (I’m 23.) And usually I’m really bad about remembering what year it is, but I seem to have gotten the hang of 2003. I remember what year it is most of the time. Usually I don’t get used to what year it is until at least October.

  5. Nice dollies! ;P Wow. Nice camera! How cool. My sister-in-law’s dad has that. Hmmm… I’ve always thought you were much older than 21. You seem so mature for your age.

  6. waaaaaaaa 😥 why everyone in here are saying are old??? what should i think about my own age???? i dont want to freak out next year when i became 30 😉

  7. I do the age thing all the time. My birthday was a couple weeks ago and I kept making sure I was really turning 25. That just seems too old to be me :/

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