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Power Outage?!

hrm.. how did it happen? anyone got hit?

and WHY IS THIS GIRL STILL DIRECT LINKING MY PIXEL even tho it shows up as THE BIG I’M A THIEF IMAGE (look in her iframe).. what’s up with people.. too dumb? anyone registered at that fake non english speaking site? please advise her. thanks

[EDITED]alright i created something MORE SPECIAL for my beloved direct linkers. what you think?[/EDITED] – i will keep my creativity alive πŸ˜‰

49 thoughts on “Power Outage?!

  1. Ugh… direct linking… don’t people realize that they are actually STEALING from other people when they do that? There oughta be a law…
    Take care.

  2. the outage stuff was kinda freaky… i imagine ppl should believe was some terrorist sabotage 😦 i wish i should know Lelerz is fine πŸ˜₯

  3. The image is too big, maybe. Hmm… How about something smaller but more repulsive? I remember visiting years ago and seeing a photo of some girl eating poo (and not a cute, pink bunny poo either). That might make her unlink you? I wonder if there is a way to set up your .htaccess to redirect someone’s browser when they hotlink you. Of course, that is purely for revenge, not really for making a point. ^^; But hey, revenge is best served sweet.

    1. LOL ok good idea.. rediretion will be nice.. actually i’m using a php script for it πŸ™‚ let me find a more “appropriate” image πŸ™‚

      1. Is it possible to redirect if someone direct link to your images? I searched Google for it before and read that it can’t be done :-/

        Also, I don’t advise that you put offensive image because those people whose browsers don’t support/turned off redirection will see that image on your own site too.

        1. I don’t think browser support would be relevant to server-side redirection, because the server does everything. πŸ™‚ Just client-size methods like META or JavaScript requires browser co-operation.

          1. Not sure about it. I searched about it before cause a few of my visitors were seeing the error image eventhough they are surfing my own site. I read in 1 forum that the .htaccess anti-direct linking thing doesn’t work for all. Not sure if that’s the same way with what Dodo uses though. I did used a cgi one before and it also doesn’t works for all people.

  4. Well, i was part of the power outage. It all started out in Canada, possibly Ontario, and well, went all the way down the edge of the United states on the east. Like spilt water, it was like 5 hours over here in New Jersey, but some states still have a power outage.

    1. Actually, I heard that i was from upstate New York and it affected canada πŸ˜›

      Because in order for us to restore power, we had to ‘disconnect’ ourselves from US power lines πŸ˜›

      Nonetheless, it was pretty freaky in the dark O___O;

      Glad power came back! πŸ™‚

      1. Yup, Kozzi I heard that too, didn’t Ernie Eves say it wasnt Ontarios fault in the press confrence this morning? I got the power out too, I live near Toronto πŸ™‚

  5. Eww…that’s disgusting…having people direct linking. The I’m a big thief image is funny! =D Just wanted to compliment you on your many adorable themes!

  6. Damn direct linkers….

    We got hit with the power outage, but since we have a generator due to the presence of a “magic box” for our phone line that occasionally knocks out the power we’re pretty okay. Ever had to drive almost 40 miles to find a place where you can get gas though? Now that’s fun.

      1. well, I don’t know her e-mail address. but just wondered if u tried to e-mail her, if you knew it. But I noticed she also has a guestbook at the end of the iframe, too

  7. Trust me, that girl simply doesn’t know X( most people over there don’t know any html, they truly think the only way to get an image showing up is, is copy pasting the url *shrugs* =|

    1. well i believe she understands simple english from the fact she posted english poems/song lyrics on her site. my message is pretty simple to grasp or she just needs to LOOK at the image πŸ˜‰

  8. OMG!!! that is disgusting!!! but, maybe that girl will get the idea. is that real poop though? i’ve changed many dipers before and that looks very unique to me. haha…. i’m guessing your gonna through away those cloths. they are covered with POOP!!!

  9. That is a nasty nasty photo. I think you should warn people before they click. LOL. Thank goodness I finished eating already. That’s some nasty stuff… they’d be dumb to NOT take that image out. LOL. I tried that htaccess to stop the bandwidth theft from my site, but it like, won’t show AT ALL. Even when the stupid image is from my server. So it’s like, what’s the point if the image won’t show at all, you know! 😦 I’m prolly just doing something wrong.)

    1. well i believe she understands simple english from the fact she posted english poems/song lyrics on her site. my message is pretty simple to grasp or she just needs to LOOK at the image πŸ˜‰ a picture is worth a thousand words. hopefully she doesn’t interpretate the wrong way (altho i don’t really know how else you can interpretate it XP)

  10. ewww eww, that is such a gross picture! i really wish i did not see that. Even though the girl is a horrible direct linker, spare innocent viewers the disgusting image please. maybe you should just make a text image. i mean, she would start taking your images down from her site if they weren’t properly showing up, wouldn’t she?

    1. hrm.. you are missing out the whole discussion here. refer previous comments. i did have a text image but someone suggested otherwise. i think letting the direct linker’s viewers be disgusted by his/her site is the least i can ask for ha

    2. If a designer doesn’t take pride in their work, broken images don’t mean a thing. Sometimes text doesn’t get the message through either. This poopy image was not dodo’s first try at a solution. But this girl did not respond to dodo’s attempts to get her to stop direct-linking. The definition of insanity or frustration is performing the same actions over and expecting different results. So a different action was taken. πŸ˜‰ Hehe, Helen, if this picture would make you stop direct-linking someone, maybe it’ll stop this girl from direct-linking someone. But hey, dodo, I wonder if this might contribute to why your bandwidth usage is so high. Might be easier just to say “stuff it” and disallow direct-linking with no substitute image in place…

  11. This is awesome Dodo!!!!!!! I like what you wrote beside the pic, hehe, now if that doesn´t convince her, she is not to be saved. πŸ˜€

  12. Our power was out. We lost it while I was at work. Do you know some people had the nerve to ask if they could check out while the whole store was completely dark?! We had to put everything away… that was fun.

    ROFL! That’s a great picture Dodo! I about died laughing when I saw it on that girl’s site. =)

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