courtesy when emailing?

well i just want to say for those who are emailing strangers (like if you email someone who doesn’t know you from their website. yea like MINE XP).. i think it’s very courteous and smart to INCLUDE the original emails in your reply so they know what are you talking about? i am very forgetful and plus i get many emails from strangers and all are talking about different things. sometimes it takes many days for the stranger to write back after i replied. and seriously they will be very lucky if i remember what’s going on without any hint. well here’s an example:

someone emailed me about not able to register again at dnw topsites after she deleted her site
so i replied to ask for her previously used id
today i got an email from her with NOTHING but a number

well if she emailed me after 3 more days i probably will forget what it was all about and just ignore the email. i don’t think that will be my fault.

in case you didn’t know, almost all e-mail utilities support automatic inclusion of the original email in your reply. go to your options -> account preferences (or something simliar) and LOOK for it. you should be able to turn it on or off. for those who have it off by default, i strongly recommend you to turn it ON. many places also offer different ways of quoting the original message. like inline, prefix >, attachment or whatever.. my favorite is always “prefix >”

TIP: cleartype and drop shadow filter don’t mix.

12 thoughts on “courtesy when emailing?

    1. LOL it’s not all about me being forgetful.. how do you like getting an email with just a number? i find it kinda rude.. i thought it was common courtesy to include the original mail but i guess i’m very wrong.

  1. Yes thats very true!! @.@ I also hate it when people email me and ask stuff then I reply wanting to know more about the problem and then after a while who knows what the problem was! I feel embarrased for forgetting >.

  2. Hehe, I hate the > prefix. 😡 Usually I prefer the whole “—Original message sent by xxx on xxx— [insert original message below]”.

    1. i think it’s cool if you want to reply to certain original messages. people distinguish which message is from whom easily without you doing extra work.

  3. Help! How do you include the entire original message in your reply. I am using aol 9.0
    Thank you for the info.

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