dmb yearbook

i’ve been working on dmb yearbook all day. i thought it was gonna be easy putting up the page.. boy i was wrong. i finished every other part except the our pages section. i just realized that Eve didn’t put “our pages” in her layout. i can probably fix that by changing the “home” section to “our pages” but i’m waiting for her to send me the font she used XP.. i have over 300 fonts on my computer and still i don’t have that particular one. how annoying..

drools at Ling’s new flash layout!

15 thoughts on “dmb yearbook

  1. geez.. searching for fonts is always a depressing thing. i hate it. sorry that i didn’t finish my yearbook site yet. I thought i got a good idea but while developing it i had to dismiss it again.. 😦

  2. I didn’t put ‘our pages’ in the menu of my layout either, actually I think perhaps you forgot to tell us to add that. Quote: as the title and with sections named “introduction, baby pictures, autographs, the fans, superlatives and home” =)

  3. hehe fonts are addictive. on the one hand i try not to download any more, but on the other hand i feel i don’t have nearly enough! that layout is so cool by the way!

  4. i just got wordpress! I cant believe how good it is, but i cant believe i cant use the comments reply hack! whyyy? ive always wanted this hack but i guess i will never know, and Ling’s layout rocks!

    1. add them to add the feature. someone asked me to give them the rights to use it in some bigger project of b2. was that wordpress? i don’t remember XP

      1. i dont think it does have it, it doesnt have a ‘reply’ link or any of the script anywhere! i think i will play around with the script, but i dont think i will, i dont want to break yet another blog!

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