notified by aim for traffic

alright i don’t know how necessary this is

but appearantly you can get notified by the aim bot “blogtraffic” if you add a small piece of code on your blog or website. it will tell you the visitor’s ip and how many times before has s/he has visited.

all the infomation are here

i’ve tried and it works. but the bot just signed off LMAO

alright never mind, i’m taking him off. i’m getting one like every 30 seconds LOL. that gets annoying quickly.

8 thoughts on “notified by aim for traffic

  1. karrie (girlgerms) uses a thing that will IM people when you have updated your blog, it’s pretty cool if you ask me. i’m gonna have to check out this one, though! ^.^

  2. i am using it. im just leaving the AIM window open. plus i keep the sound off and no one ever comes to mine anyway, but it would be nice to know who is coming in. i dont know if i like it tho.

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