long loved astrology

Check out my beautiful astrology analysis!! truly i’m a goddess LMAO

Ying Zhang is the last of the great eccentrics. The funny thing is, she doesn’t know it. She thinks her behaviour is perfectly normal. She sees herself as a pillar of propriety and a paragon of protocol. Ying has strong views about every topic under the sun. There’s not a subject she doesn’t know about or a moral point she can’t pontificate on. Ying is entitled to be a little arrogant. She knows an awful lot about an awful lot of things. She is well versed, well rehearsed, and deeply immersed in the kind of knowledge that we lesser mortals can only dream of attaining. Thankfully, she is there to shed the light and show the way. This, she does generously and patiently, as befits a person of superior intellect. Ying Zhang is wise, intelligent and (thankfully) oblivious to irony.
Or, at least, that’s how Ying Zhang is, at her worst. She can’t help it. She’s an Aquarian and Aquarians are infamous for their occasional outbursts of pomposity. Happily there is another truly delightful side to her. Ying is as honest as the day is long, as generous as the ocean is deep. This is partly where the eccentricity comes from, for a person with such strong opinions Ying is surprisingly willing to please. she is keen to win friends and influence people. She loves to feel that she belongs. She always wants to be in on the action, part of the scene and one of the gang. Rather like Groucho Marx though, she is never sure that she would want to be part of any club that would a member. She is always on the lookout for some new cause to support, or enterprise to sign up to. You might think that this would make her fickle but actually Ying is exceedingly loyal. She may be forever expanding her horizons but she never forgets her friends and she never reneges on her commitments. This is why, despite the highly idiosyncratic nature of Ying’s personality, so many people think the world of her.

makes me sound like a 90 old business woman or an evil empire LOL i hate business hahaha.. this is hilarious.

then i checked out my bf’s. the first sentence made me fell off my chair. “Andrew Lilleg will never grow up” – hey that’s true LMAO

Andrew Lilleg will never grow up, and nor would we ever want him to. It is Andrew’s ability to be innocently fun-loving and childlike that makes him so endearing. Andrew Lilleg is extremely clever and sophisticated. There is, after all, a very big difference between being childlike and being childish. Andrew is open minded, unselfish and able somehow to approach each new day with a spirit of real, fresh inspiration. That explains why Andrew enjoys life so much and it also explains why other people, looking at Andrew’s life from a distance, cannot understand why he enjoys it so much. Those of us who know and love Andrew Lilleg find him enigmatic, mysterious or even downright baffling. We can’t help liking him, but nor can we quite manage to work out where he is at, where he is coming from, what he is up to or what he is in to. Andrew’s tastes and preferences are what some people would call eclectic, others would term unusual and most folk would classify as ‘just plain weird.’ Andrew, though, is consistent in his inconsistency. There is method to his madness. Andrew is interested in – even fascinated by – so many strange, different topics and subjects because Andrew is such a natural experimenter.
Andrew doesn’t need to travel the world in search of variety. Andrew can wake up one morning feeling quite sure that he is one particular kind of person. By the afternoon he will be someone else. His personality will not change, his loyalty will not waver but his mood will evolve allowing him to explore, enthusiastically, ways of behaviour which only a few hours ago seemed unattractive. Thus Andrew Lilleg creates a world in which there is constant variety and excitement. Boring people, who like to follow life’s laws to the letter and stick rigidly to one fixed plan find Andrew Lilleg hard to handle or even to relate to. People with a sense of adventure, a sense of imagination and, most importantly of all a sense of humour, cannot get enough of Andrew’s company.

his is a lot more accurate than mine!

9 thoughts on “long loved astrology

  1. Eric’s was totally untrue. It said all this stuff about him being childish, but really, he hates being 23 and looking 20. He wants to be 30! XD Me… it said that I’m into challenges (yah if it’s art or something creative), and why bother climbing hills like everest when there’s mountains on mars?! Um… no…

  2. Hahaha… Quite funny! It reminds me of my ex. Well, it’s all in the past. I have a new life now with my hubby and things are far different.

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