cool blogging site

i stumped over thru lele on pei’s site who got it from daynah (complicated)

you can find your blog neighborhood there hehe.. my favorite is that they actually give you a VISUAL representation of blogs that revolve around yours. i don’t know how accurate it is, but here’s mine. play around with that site. it’s fun.

other than that i really lost interest in hacking and doing stuff for the board recently 😦 i think i need a break.

last nite i fell asleep at 8pm and didn’t wake up until 7am this morning. i guess i was tired?! XP

4 thoughts on “cool blogging site

  1. Aww. *huggles* You deserve a break, especially now you’re busy with school too! And you already added a lot of new hacks for the boards over the summer.

    Err… yeah, the relations to the blogstreet was complicated, yes? Hehe. xP

  2. like pei said 🙂 you do need a break. Haha and who would have known it would come from school coming back eh? ;P hehehe

    but yeaa… that blogstreet thingy is…. pretty mind jumbling xD

  3. hehe you got it right… i found it in my referrals and showed pei before i head to bed. lol I did a project like this in college too… but we used referrals instead. ^_^

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