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The Teddy Bear Genius

Hoo boy. Now I know everyone is familiar with the bright, adept and dignified colleagues that fill the aisles at school and constitute our vast workforce . . . :cough: NOT!! It amazes me that though I’m surrounded by blithering veggies every day, one special headcase always seems to shine through with new levels of idiocracy unparalleled by his/her peers.

I was scouting out my classroom for a computer course and eventually found it, and also found my instructor was waiting for the current class to conclude. She was at a table in a small lobby area near the classroom so I sat down with her, and soon after we were joined by another classmate.

This classmate was wearing old cruddy white tennis shoes, dirty frayed blue jeans, a dusty black T-shirt and an old faded Dallas Cowboys hat. The instructor asked his name and he told her it was easy to remember his name ‘Brian’ by his Cowboys hat that he wore every day. I looked at that thing which was probably crawling with bugs and tried to parallel ‘Brian’ with that hat. Quite frankly there was nothing that stood out about the guy except his repulsive odor.

Anyway, that’s not even the stupid thing he said.

He asks the instructor: “Have you seen the virus going around that puts a teddy bear on your screen that won’t go away?”
She replies: “Yes I’ve heard of it, it is actually a hoax. Did you get it in an email?”
Him: “Yeah, my dad sent it to me, he got the same virus!” starts laughing with blank look in his eyes. Small period of uncomfortable silence.
Instructor: “Well when you get those e-mails you probably shouldn’t open them.”
Him: “No matter how many times I clicked on the teddy bear he would not go away! I finally had to go to the Norton Anti-Virus web page so it could get rid of it!” Laughs heartily, and starts looking to the instructor for approval as if he was proud of his accomplishment. This was not even a REAL virus.

The instructor and I then share one of those uncomfortable moments of realization eye-contact that just communicated ‘Oh my god this guy is a complete chimp’ She then says, “Well time to go to the class room!” and departs before her sanity is completely broken. I just sat there and could not believe what I had just heard.

7 thoughts on “The Teddy Bear Genius

  1. rofl! People like this make the world more… uh, interesting to live in. Hehe. 😑 I’d really pity anyone who have to deal with him more than one classroom session though. o.O Hopefully groupwork is not part of it?

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