our second movie

due to bandwidth problem, it’s gone

second.ASF is the file. it’s 3.3mb. go see.. it’s hilarious LOL excuse the lighting problem. we took it last nite. it was really dark. if you know a software that can brighten the movie, please let me know. well it supposed to show you around our house. i was gonna make a movie of me singing karaoke but andy couldn’t stop SNIFFING due to his allergy!! XP guess we have to pick another time to do that. it ended suddenly too coz hrm.. we went of memory on our campact flash card *bleh*

on another note, a downtown chinese restaurant has been burned down yesterday.

read this for more details. i saw a bunch of fire trucks yesterday and they blocked a good chuck of the downtown area. i was wondering what could be so big. the cause of the fire is UNKNOWN?! i can’t believe it. just not too long ago a chinese grocery store was burned down. how come chinese business are easily burned down here? weird. but luckily it’s the sucky restaurant. i went there once and i hated their food. there’s another chinese restaurant in the mall which i always go to get my beloved shirmp lo mein 🙂 *hugs* actually i just had it 5 minutes ago *hehe*

oh yea, i think i’ve seen this before but it just clicked with me or something.. LMAO.. the TRUE evolution: click!

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