Complete at last!!

I have been slowly gathering these Conan books over the last year. They are out of print and probably never will be seen on bookstore shelves again, save for the inspired second hand book stores. These are some of my favorite stories and I have finally amassed my complete collection of the hard to find treasures of literature!

Check them out!!

7 thoughts on “Complete at last!!

  1. Hmm, somehow, when I read this post, before looking at the byline, I had a feeling it wouldn’t be dodo posting this. 😉 Hehehe… Congrats on completing your collection. It’s always such a good feeling to complete something, anything! GW.

  2. whee.. those are awesome! i thought it was dodo collected this stuff but then i read the poster.. hehe.. nice collection andy. 🙂

  3. Wohooo! my grandma gave me a collection of like the whole set of 1910 edition Jane Austin books or something.. 🙂 and i hate to post this here, but for DMB I signed up as the user dove.. and never got my password. :S

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