EVERYONE GO AND GET AN ACCOUNT AT WHILE THEY ARE STILL NEW! it’s sinful not to. it’s sooooooooooo coool

it’s like the combination of LiveJournal, b2, and Typepad. even with gallery and tagboard and the option to post simultaneously at your lj, deadjournal, xanga (you have to logged in) accounts!! (read more at felisha’s review)


thanks pei for sharing! tabulas scripter is humorous
before submitting ….. and after…

11 thoughts on “!!

  1. Hi dodo its me marie. so sorry for like forcing u to join the top dreamy sites then just abruptly deleting everything from my site. i had no choice cus im dorming in college now. im fine by the way 🙂 i love it here. anyways, just dropped by to say hi to one of my most favorite 😉 hehehe

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